Nearly all jobs require quality machining. Machining is LRD's core service.

From the smallest spacer for electronics to a massive die for mining.

Turning capacity: shafts to 300mm diameter by 2000mm long
  discs to 800mm diameter by 300mm wide
Milling capacity: blocks to 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm


Engineered products often begin with fabrication such as sheet metal, welded, or even glued. LRD has the expertise and capacity to fabricate most materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

R&D, CAD and Design

This is what sets LRD apart from a general mechanical engineer. Do you have an idea that needs to come to life? LRD can 'virtual prototype' the idea using CAD modelling with complete confidence. Your idea will become a 3D model, then made into a real object, or working prototype.

Do you have parts that require machining? Try LRD now for a quote